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With simplify for Desktop and Mobile Devices, with 3 clicks or less, you will have:

Ecologic Document Management

Keep all your important documents at your fingertips safely, effortlessly and efficiently.

Smart Customer Feedback

One-click satisfaction survey and follow-up contacts. Easy and convenient customer care.

Efficient Networking

Network in a professional and modern way and make sure your contact will never be lost or forgotten.


Did you know there is more plastic in the ocean than stars in the milky way? Get to know more facts about plastic and paper polluition


Millions of tons of plastic are produced annually


9% is the percentage of plastic that is recycled in the world


out of 100 business cards end up in the trash


Up to 12 Millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans annually

Your Benefits

Simplify reduces the need both from plastic and paper from your company. Reduce costs, increase productivity, while taking care of our planet.


We provide fantastic user experience, featuring the best technologies focused on security and availability and functionality.


Simplify contributes in a very active and visible way to reduce your company's ecological footprint.


We creatively and efficiently integrate the most advanced "cloud" and automated marketing platforms.


Highlight your social and environmental responsibility by being part of this growing ecological community.


Make sure your contact is never forgotten as you integrate customers automatically into an automated marketing platform.


Outstanding quality management through immediate satisfaction surveys following a customer purchase or service provided.

Our Mission

We live an unprecedented moment in the history of the world. Never before have pollution levels have been so high. Up to 12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, increasing the impressive 150 million tons that lay there at the moment. One of the major factors in this situation is the massive use of unnecessary plastic. And this has invariably harmful consequences for the planet. We cannot continue to stare and be unmoved by this harsh reality. We aim to help reduce this numbers and reverse the damage done to the environment.

We are guided by principles such as developing more responsible and sustainable business practices, creating greater ecological awareness and triggering a change in the way of thinking about the world and the environment. We will put the knowledge and technology we have, at the service of our planet.
Our platform brings together the best of both worlds: it makes your business more efficient and thus more profitable, and cares for the environment reducing the need for unnecessary plastic and paper of your life.

Our mission is simple: contribute to a better and more sustainable future!
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